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Strategic Intelligentia

About Strategic Intelligentia

Investors and business must navigate a geopolitically volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) landscape where increasingly disruptions are becoming the norm.

Strategic Intelligentia utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to assess and predict transnational trends that brings together a team of experts in policy analysis, economics, security, communications and geopolitical analysis to take a multidimensional approach to political risk.

Strategic Intelligentia’s multidimentional risk assessments are conducted through the integrated angles of policy, security regulatory landscape, history, culture, ideology and religion that together impact on the security, economy, commercial activities and infrastructure development of the region. This serves as a lens that connects the dots between seemingly random and disparate events which are at a deeper level transnational trends. To this end, SI creates innovative and cutting-edge concepts that in turn identifies future trends that impact upon different sectors.

This enables Strategic Intelligentia to make deeper and more insightful predictions on country, regional and global risk.

This is in contrast to the two-dimensional approach that assesses a single country’s risk or arbitrarily quantifies risk demonstrated by artificial indices.

Strategic Intelligentia will identify future risks and opportunities and translate this into business value that proactively anticipates geopolitical shifts.

Strategic Intelligentia will forecast a couple of steps ahead to enhance investment strategies, business efficiency and resilience. Our team of experts monitor political, economic, social and security developments and their impact on various industries. They also examine cross-border issues such as business, finance, trade and supply chains, infrastructure, technology, energy, commodities, financial regulation, climate change and global health.