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Strategic Intelligentia

Interdisciplinary Analysis

Strategic Intelligentia’s integrated research platform can be customized for each client depending upon their specific business models, risk tolerance, and industry sectors. SI integrates an interdisciplinary analysis of security and economic trends with the dynamics of the local ecosystem that is tailored to the client’s specific needs. This is in contrast to the traditional standardized approach to country risk that is not interdisciplinary and as such cannot be tailored to the clients’ specific requirements.

Strategic Intelligentia is fully conversant with established and developing international laws and standards of business compliance. Strategic Intelligentia goes a few steps further still by making predictions on the evolution of financial regulations resulting from the dynamics of international politics and globalization to determine how it may affect investments and business operations.

Interdisciplinary Analysis

Our teams of analysts monitor political, economic, social, and thematic security developments and their impact on various industries. They also examine cross-border issues such as trade, energy, commodities, financial regulation, climate change and global health.

Strategic Intelligentia offers multi-national corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, law firms and private individuals the most expansive proprietary information and insights into the economic realities and opportunities that exists across the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Being at the intersection of security, economics, geopolitics, and the regulatory landscape requires a rare combination of knowledge, skills and experience. Our senior consultants have worked with/for: think tanks, governments, the military, police and intelligence agencies, top-tier management consulting/ legal firms, investment banks and defence and innovation companies.

Strategic Intelligentia provides consultancy services, publishes analysis and hosts forums which provides a forum for like-minded individuals and corporations to exchange ideas, views and experiences.